I am an Assistant Professor of Agribusiness and Experimental Economics in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology at Auburn University. 

In general, my research focuses on understanding the behavioral aspects of economic decision-making with biometric process-data to answer policy-centered empirical questions. 

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Peer-reviewed Publications:

[8] Huseynov, S., Palma, M. A., & Segovia. M. S. Distributional effects of perceptional financial scarcity and abundance on food choices Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (2023): 1-19.

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[1] Ng, D., Aragon, L., and Huseynov, S. “Seek and you shall find: The role of exploitive and explorative search in a biotechnology firm’s patent claims.International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 22, no. 1030-2019-1646 (2018): 321-337.

Working Papers:

Public or Private Funding of Controversial Technologies: The Case of Gene-Editing (with Jennifer Kee, Marco A. Palma, Jayson Lusk, and Vincenzina Caputo) (R&R at AJAE, draft available upon request)

Predicting Seedstock Bull Prices: Does Information Matter? (with Seth Ingram, Charles Martinez, Chris Boyer, Troy Rowan, Mykel Taylor, and Elmin Alizada) (R&R at JAAE, draft available upon request)

Temptation and Choice Inconsistency (with Ghufran Ahmad, Marco A. Palma, and Rodolfo Nayga) (Submitted, draft available upon request)

Attention Cost and Time, Risk, and Food preferences (with Marco A. Palma, and Alex Brown) (draft available upon request)

The Mental Burden of Stay-At-Home Order Extensions due to COVID-19 (with Michelle Segovia, Marco A. Palma, and Rodolfo Nayga) (Submitted, draft available upon request)

Predicting the Highway Costs Index with Machine Learning (with Luis Ribera and Marco Palma).


  • Social Comparison and Financial Assets Choices (with Wanqi Liang and Fariz Huseynov) [current status: Second stage data collection is in progress.]
  • The Role of Optimism Bias in Price Expectations (with Mykel Taylor and Charlie Martinez) [current status: Data collection is completed, working on the draft.]
  • The impact of COVID-19 on educational outcomes (with Zahra Murad) [current status: Data collection is completed, working on the draft.]
  • Temptation and Dynamic Food Preference Inconsistency (with Sivashankar Pathmanathan and Joshua Duke) [current status: Second stage data collection is in progress.]

My email: szh0158 at auburn.edu; My Twitter handle: @huseynovecon